Why my cancer patients use BD Maintenance Plus ++

New medical reports point towards the critical imbalances (low as well as high levels) of vitamins in several cancers including lymphoma, colon cancer, breast, prostate  and lung cancer.

A handful of mixed vitamins in the morning is not what I, a board certified medical oncologist, or the National Cancer Institute is recommending.

Please review our important message and check out the BLOG for updated and newest professional cancer prevention and therapy recommendations. 

BD Maintenance Plus++ is the only oncologist compounded vitamin supplement (DEVOID OF FOLIC ACID, A TUMOR STIMULATING VITAMIN) clinically tested in healthy as well as more than 400 cancer patients undergoing cancer chemo- and radiation therapy for safety and compatibility in the presence of vitamin B12-DEPLETING MEDICATIONS including chemotherapy and radiation. BD Maintenance Plus ++ is aimed at primary cancer prevention as well as a supplement for those with a history of or under therapy for active cancer and for those ingesting Metformin for Diabetes Mellitus (metformin induces B12 deficiency see Blog).