BD Maintenance Plus++, the only oncologist compounded vitamin supplement contains 200 micrograms of an activated form of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) in a dose closely studied to replace blood B12 levels to normal (avoiding overdosing of B12) in the elderly and in those taking drugs that interfere with its absorption such as prilosec, metformin (glucophage), birth control pills and some sulfa medications. 

BD Maintenance Plus++ 2 month supply

BD Maintenance Plus++  normalized  blood vitamin B12 levels when given in our clinical study of more than 400 patients and in normals. Often subtle B12 deficiency occurs in the elderly and is responsible for forgetfulness and subtle neurological complaints. Most physicians are not aware of B12 deficiency until the latest sign of anemia occurs. At that time many of the neurological problems of subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord may be irreversible.

Dr Victor Herbert's visualization of the stages of B12 deficiency. Many physicians are unaware of the symptoms accompanying the earliest, measurable changes of B12 insufficiency/deficiency. Symptoms include peripheral neuropathy, weakness, forgetfulness, depression and other mental changes. However, as noted above, there are several available laboratory tests that can document the presence of early B12 deficiency.